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Ansar Alumni is a well-knit vibrant group of 6000+ alumni spread across the globe who have been contributing to the development of the Ansar group of Institutions, their alma matter and the society at large. The camaraderie among the alumni, social commitment and diversity of activities implemented for alumni, school and the society, are personal pride of each alumni.  

Ansar Alumni, based at Ansar English School, has official chapters in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Sultanate of Oman and Qatar and presence in the UK, USA, Kuwait, Bahrain, Australia and China.

Formation & History

A year and a half had gone by since they obtained their TC, Abdul Haseeb VT, Shiyas KU and Sharafudheen KS of the second batch, who were studying at colleges in Aluva, could not resist their longing to gather back in the school. They collected addresses of the alumni of the first four batches and sent personalized postcard invitations to all to gather at the school on December 26, 1995 – 6 months after the fourth batch had passed out.

50+ alumni turned up to form an ad-hoc committee under the leadership of Dr Ahmed Siraj (Late), under the guidance of then principal Moideen Kutty sir (Late) and blessings of Abul Jalal Moulavi (Late). – May Allah shower His Blessings on them. The ad-hoc committee prepared a bylaw with guidance from Moideen Kutty Sir and officially formed the Ansar Alumni on December 25th 1996 with Dr Siraj as the President and Nishad CA as the Secretary.

Since its inception, Ansar Alumni has been organizing diverse events and activities for the students of Ansar be it intra school competitions, inter-school competitions, career awareness programs, expert interactions with experienced alumni, awards to toppers, suggestions or interactions with the management and staff on quality improvement. 

Ansar Alumni get-togethers have always been nostalgic events for the alumni, teachers, staff and management of Ansar. From the first get together in 1995 to the last in 2013, they have always created a festive atmosphere on the campus. Odyssey 2019, a mega event scheduled to be held in 2019 was first postponed due to floods and later due to Covid. 

Strengthening the bond and camaraderie between alumni, creating avenues for empowerment and mutual cooperation between alumni have been a prime focus of Ansar Alumni and the get-togethers, sports and cultural events, training programs and conferences have, to great extent, helped in achieving these goals.

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