Life at Ansar

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Sports andAthletics

If parents wish to enroll their child in the school, they should apply to the Principal in the form supplied along with this prospectus. The form should be detached from the prospectus, completed and submitted to the school office. Incomplete forms will not be accepted.


Club Activities

Club activities are organized on a regular basis. There are a number of clubs and associations active on the campus such as the Science Club, Debate club, Mathematics club, Eco club, English club, Health club, Traffic Club, Anti-drugs club, Arabic club, Keraleeyam club, and GK club. All the students are given a chance to choose the club of their interest. Each club patrons take the pain to organize activities of the club so as to enhance the fondness of children in the respective areas.

English club

The primary objective of the English club is not only to elevate the English Ambience on the campus but also to provide them opportunities to practice English in a relaxed, informal environment integrating their talents, needs, and interests.


Keraleeyam Club

Mother tongue is vital in framing the thinking and emotions of people. Thus keraleeyam club is to inculcate the passion for the language and literature among students. The literary skills of the students are nurtured and are given opportunities to participate in various literary competitions.

Arabic Club

In addition to being proficient in the Arabic language, Arabic Club also let the students learn more about the Arab culture,  history, language and traditions.

Science Club

Science club is an inevitable part of the school as it triggers inquisitiveness and scientific temper of children. The science club exhibitions motivate and equip the children in applications of science and its interface with society.

Mathematics Club

Mathematics club offers the students an ideal avenue for the free exchange of mathematical ideas and helps them to apply their learning in daily life situations. The informal knowledge acquired through activities supplements their classroom learning

Debate Club

Debate club provides the best ever opportunities to develop critical thinking also to display their independent thinking skills and imbibe a sense of confidence. Activities provide simultaneous opportunities to realize the skills like leadership and group participation. 

Anti-Drugs Club

As drug abuse is an alarming health crisis especially among campuses the vision of Anti-drug club is to purify and strengthen the personality of students so as to encourage them to participate in Anti-drug activities.

Traffic Club

Traffic club in Ansar works with the motto ‘ Inspire, Involve & Motivate Young Children’. Awareness is created in the students regarding the road safety rules with the purpose of indirectly influencing their long term behaviour.

Eco Club

The overarching principle of eco-club is to mould the students to be earth savers. It encourages students to have a healthy relationship with mother nature and to preserve it.

Music Club

Music Club is organized not only to entertain but also to supplement the various developments in students. The club activities are planned and executed in such a way that those who have the skills can sharpen them while others get to know and appreciate its various aspects.

Health Club

Health club boosts the children to become the key players in upholding the highest standards of health and hygiene. It helps the children to be aware of the importance of healthy habits and to spread awareness to the people around them.

Fine Arts Club

The fine arts club tries to bring out the creative, expressive, and aesthetic potential of each student. Through perfect guidance and suggestions, students are empowered to express their thoughts and feelings creatively in various ways.

GK Club

GK club owes to Francis Bacon for his quote, ‘Knowledge is power'. General knowledge Contributes to personal enrichment and a better understanding of the world as a whole.

School Magazine

Education is not just about going to school and getting a degree. It is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school. Thus Ansar makes every effort to kindle the sparks in our children so that they sparkle in their life. With this purpose we let each of our divisions publish manuscript magazines every year. It also develops their power of thinking and strengthens their imagination. Students' original works from all these magazines find their places in the Annual School Magazine. It makes us even more proud that we could publish 76 E-magazines even during this pandemic time. 



A wide range of activities aimed at the all-round development of each child takes place in the school. These activities include elocution, recitation, colouring, painting, drawing, quiz, dramatics, debating, athletics, picnics and exhibitions, The school organizes cultural festival and sports meets annually. The school also hosts a number of inter-school competitions. All these activities foster the spirit of participation, leadership and healthy competitions, and the development of sterling character. Cultural activities are organized on a regular basis. There are a number of clubs and associations active in the campus such as Scouts and Guides, the Science club, the debate club, the Mathematics club, the Computer club, the Eco-club, the English club, the Health club, Anti-drugs club ,Traffic club, Arabic club, the National Service Scheme, the Student Police Cadets, and the Keraleeyam club.