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How to Apply

Parents can apply to the Principal for admission of their wards in the form supplied along with this prospectus or through the link in the school website. Detach the form from the prospectus and submit to the school office after filling in. Incomplete forms will not be accepted.

Age Criteria

A student must complete the age as follows on 1st June to get admission.

- LKG: 3/12 Years Plus
- UKG: 4/12 Years Plus
- Class I: 5/12 Years Plus
- Other Classes: Commensurate with the class/ level.

Before admission to classes other than LKG, every new child will be required to attend a Test to assess the level at the entry. Admission procedure must be completed on the date prescribed by the school.

Criteria for Admission

  • Pass in the language proficiency test.
  • Age must commensurate with the class to which admission is sought. Over aged student will not be admitted.
  • General conduct and behaviour/ discipline.
  • Preference for siblings of students already in the school.
  • Production of valid documents like TC, Progress Report, Birth Certificate etc.

(All documents must be submitted at the time of admission)


Correction in Students Data

Normally, no corrections shall be made in the school records once admission is finalized. Therefore, parents must take care while filling up the application form and ensure that only documented/ certified details are given to the school.

The school shall not make any corrections in the admission/ withdrawal register, other than clerical errors, except with an application for correction along with an attested copy of the Gazette Notification or the verdict of a Court of law.

The Documents to be submitted at the time of Admission

  1. Original Birth Certificate along with a photocopy. The original certificate will be returned to the parent after verification.
  2. Three passport size photographs.
  3. T.C issued by the previous school and a Conduct Certificate (in the case of students for admission to Plus One (XI) from affiliated/ recognized schools). Students from other than CBSE schools must produce a TC countersigned by the AEO/ DEO. In the case of students coming from foreign schools, the TC must be authenticated by competent authorities. i.e. Consulate/ Embassy/ Ministry of Education.
  4. Admission will be rejected in the event of non-submission of Original / Genuine documents

Payment of the School Fees

All fees must be paid at the time of admission. Transport fee is collected either in lump sum or monthly. Late fee will be levied on parents who fail to pay the fees on time. Admission will not be confirmed until the method of payment is agreed with the school and the appropriate forms are signed by the parent/ guardian of the child

Educational Assistance

The Trust provides free education to orphans and financial assistance to the socially and financially disadvantaged.

Fee Structure

Fee Revision is done periodically with the prior
approval of the Management and School Management
Committee (SMC) and is intimated to the parent
community through school circulars.


Rs. 29,850
per year


Rs. 29,700
per year


Rs. 28,200
per year


Rs. 27,200
per year


Rs. 28,500
per year


Rs. 28,400
per year


Rs. 39,600
per year


Rs. 41,400
per year

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is there any donation for Admission in Ansar?

Our school never takes any donation for admission.

Is there any restriction based on the community?

We have students from all communities. A few students from Lakhshadweep and other states also get admission here. Very rarely, other nationals join our institution following the existing regulations of the Government.

How to apply for Admission?

Application for admissions can be submitted online or offline mode.

Is there any Admission test for Admission?

To ascertain the quality of the students, we do an assessment for further reference.

Do you admit a student from Boards other than CBSE?

We do have intake from other Boards too provided the students is eligible to follow our curriculum.

Which are the basic documents required for admission?

Birth certificate copy, transfer certificate from the previous school, progress report of the former class, passport size photograph of the student.

Which all classes do you admit students in?

We offer admissions from LKG to Class IX and Class XI. Direct admission to Class X & XII is permitted under extreme genuine conditions satisfied by the authority and the Board.

Is the attestation of the Transfer Certificate required? 

The attestation of the Transfer Certificate is required for students from foreign countries who seek admission to Classes X & XII.

Are any additional documents to be submitted for direct admissions to Class X &XII?

Students seeking direct admission to Classes X & XII have to submit at the time of admission, a copy of the CBSE registration sheet and a letter from the parent on the reason for their transfer with proof.

When do we need to apply for admission?

The procedure will be open from January 01 to March 31 of every year. In an emergency, the admission can be taken subject to the availability of the seat and approval of the Board.

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