07 March 2024

Fire and Rescue Training Session at Ansar English School, Perumpilavu


On 02/03/24, Saturday at 12 pm, Ansar English School, Perumpilavu, witnessed an informative fire and rescue training session conducted by the FIRE  & RESCUE department. The event commenced with a prayer led by Mr Abdul Hakim, followed by a welcome address from Ms Shaharban. Mrs Fareeda, Academic Co-ordinator, delivered the presidential address.
The training session drew the participation of all staff, spanning from KG to twelve, creating a collective and cohesive learning environment.
The resource persons Shyam M G and Adarsh M G contributed valuable insights and expertise in fire and rescue procedures. The entire staff participated in the session, finding it highly educational. The training included detailed demonstrations of rescue measures. Both resource persons used interactive tools to explain concepts, demonstrating the proper use of a fire extinguisher with examples. A notable highlight of the training was the in-depth explanation of choking and its first aid procedures. The resource persons provided comprehensive insights, ensuring that all attendees gained a thorough understanding of this crucial aspect of emergency response.
The session concluded by 3.45 pm, and Ms Shahida K P expressed gratitude in the vote of thanks. Tokens of appreciation were presented to the resource persons by Junior Principals Ms Ravya and Ms Shabitha.