21 November 2022

Senior Secondary Talent Fiesta 2022-23

Talent fiesta

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27 November 2022
  Perumpilavu (21.11.22) The Annual Creative Fest for Senior secondary section, Talent Fiesta-22, was conducted in Ansar English School auditorium with all its pomp and honour…
27 November 2022
Ansar English school,Perumpilavu as a lead collaborator of CBSE Hubs  of Learning organized a training session for teachers  on 21/11/2022 . The session was  led by Mr. Ranjith…
27 November 2022
    ANSAR ENGLISH SCHOOL , PERUMPILAVU REPORT ON SUBJECT ENRICHMENT SESSION Ansar English school,Perumpilavu has always been a platform for teachers to update their skill in…