17 November 2022

Talent Fiesta- 2022-23

Talents Day

 Talent days are always the most awaited programmes for the students and teachers. This year Ansar creates another history by including an official inaugral session, Talent Fiesta,to announce the commencement of Creative fest of different sections. The events were organized at the auditorium on 16/11/2022, Wednesday at 2.00p.m.The programme started with a  prayer followed by National Anthem by the school choir. Welcome dance performed by the girls of Senior secondary was indeed welcoming treat to the audience. Speciality of the function was our Guest of Honour for the day, Ms.Noor Jaleela who has received the award 'Women of the year 2020'.The inaugural function began officially with a welcome speech by Master Lameeh (Cultural Secratery ), followed by Presidential address by CEO Dr.Najeeb Mohammed and Keynote address by Principal Mr.Shihabudeen Pulath. A token of love was handed over to  our chief guest by Dr. Najeeb Mohammed. The inaugural session included  varieties of programmes from each sections. The school auditorium was highly illuminated with the participants for the Upcoming Talent Fiesta of the entire school. The programmes were beautifully winded up by a heartfelt vote of thanks by Cultural Secretary Ms Nidha Nasrin.

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