Chapters across the world

UAE Chapter

Ansar Alumni UAE chapter was formed in 2002 with joint efforts of Anver Sha P, Shehnas EV, Aslam Junais, Ameen Ahsan, Nahas Kamarudheen and Shakir P.

Office Bearers of UAE Chapter:

AbdulHaseeb AslamJunais
Abdul Haseeb VT
+971 55 220 5609
Gen Secretary
Aslam Junais
+971 56 175 6675


Qatar Chapter

The Qatar chapter was officially launched in March 2013 in the auspicious presence of then Principal, Late Mr. Mohammed Rasheed. Abul Kalam from the first batch of Ansar English School was nominated as the Founding President of the Chapter.

Office Bearers of Qatar Chapter:

minhas mufeed
Minhas Abdutty
Gen Secretary
Mufeed Ahmed


Oman Chapter

The Oman chapter took shape through a WhatsApp group formed by Jazeel Ahmed. Combined effort of the members who joined the group initially founded the chapter through the initiative of Jazeel.

Office Bearers of Oman Chapter:

jaseem jazeel
Jaseem Ali Ummer
+968 9393 7090
Gen Secretary
Jazeel Ahmed
+968 9580 3418


KSA Chapter

Alumni had presence in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for quite long time with events happening once in a while in different regions under the leadership of Muneer P.M. and Bilal Shuhaib. In 2020 a chapter was officially founded with the efforts of Muneer PM , Ajmal Hussain, Yasar Arafath, Salman Thorop, Shanid Ali in Riyadh region, Abdul Rauf Karumara, Abdul Rashad Karumara, Hashif Abubacker, Nafie Kuppanath, Ayub Ali in Jeddah region, and Sirajudheen Abdullah, Aslam Ahmed, Bilal Shuaib, Mohammed Shahid, Nabhan Said in Dammam region. 

Office Bearers of KSA Chapter

muneer salman
Muneer P.M.
+966 50 207 8100
Gen Secretary
Salman Thorop
+966 56 641 8802


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